enero 28, 2022 Andrea Dos Anjos

Our experience with Community Organisers in the UK

We believe in the potential of bringing together people to multiply their impact and go further. We learn by working together with people around the world, through our collaborators and our team. Within this framework, Andrea, one of our founders, travels to Warminster, UK, to settle there for 6 months, with the aim of developing a training in Community Organising for the Spanish context, with the support of Community Organisers, with its participation in the European project Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. 

After several efforts and thanks to the help of «Equipo Humano», one of the intermediary organisations of the programme, Andrea was able to start the programme in November 2021.

About her work in the UK

Community Organisers is a national charity, and the membership body and training organisation for community organising in England.  They are led by their members and are inspiring thousands of people to get involved in community organising practice to join the growing movement of people up and down the country coming together; taking action – whether setting up a new community-led housing project, lobbying for better public transport, challenging cuts to health services, or establishing community-owned enterprises – people who are transforming their neighbourhoods for good. 

They are also the home of the «National Academy of Community Organising” (NACO), a network of 15 affiliated Social Action Hubs that deliver quality assured training and nationally recognised qualifications in community organising. Also, Andrea has the experience of participating in one of their training programmes, the Award in Community Organising, while she is there. 

To understand better how important is this collaboration programme, we asked the Community Organisers team some questions: 

Starting with the why. Why is this programme important for you?

“Community Organisers is proud to have lots of international connections and influences. We are part of ECON, the European Community Organisers Network and have always found we learn so much from seeing how others use community organising in different contexts and countries. With this in mind, we’re excited to be hosting Andrea and dedicating time to explore together how our training and approach might look in a Spanish context. With so much of our time connecting to others being online now, the fact that we can host Andrea and welcome her into our organisation headquarters in Warminster and give her a place to stay in our flat is also a big plus. Andrea works alongside our staff and young people working with us through the Kickstarter scheme and will bring a different perspective on our work”, commented Dot, Interim Project Director Board Member.

And, what do you expect from this collaboration?

We expect to learn a lot! Andrea’s experiences of community organising and working with social enterprises in both Venezuela and Spain is really valuable to us and she is connecting us in with a whole new group of people and perspectives. We hope to find out how grassroots communities in Spain are organising to make change and how we might be able to share our skills and trainings with them, developing a joint strategy and researching the Spanish market. Community Organisers will benefit from Andrea’s skills in digital organising and connection”, commented Dot, Interim Project Director Board Member.

We are very happy to be part of this project. We will soon tell you more about its progress and results. 

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